45 Great Reasons to Move to Australia

Written by Liam Witham

Why live in Australia? There are more reasons than you could imagine…here’s our guide to all the amazing reasons why you should you to move to Australia in 2020!

Australia…they call it “the lucky country” and if you’ve ever visited and then dreamed of moving to Australia, then you’ll know why. There are many reasons to move to Australia. It’s an incredibly special place and perhaps due to it’s sheer size, it’s one of the most diverse and exciting countries in the world when it comes to landscapes, flora and fauna.

Australia has suffered recently with forest fires but is still open for business and tourists!

It’s a country which prides itself on being fair and on giving everyone “a fair go”. That’s because of the way in which it was settled so many years ago. With some of its earliest migrants being people with criminal records, it was thought essential that everyone should be judged by their current conduct and given a fair crack of the whip.

This attitude has paid off and now, Australia is famous for the great humour and the sporting prowess of its people and of course, for its stunning scenery.

If you’ve dreamed of moving down under, then it’s probably time to look at some of the most important and relevant reasons to make the move to Australia!

The Top Ten Reasons to Move to Australia

First we are going to start with what we believe are the top 10 core reasons why so many people decide to migrate and start a new life down under.

1: The quality of life

This is a phrase we often hear bandied about when people are looking at the benefits of living in Australia, most especially by British expats. But what do they actually mean when they wax lyrical about the quality of life in Australia? Really it’s a combination of things which together make up a fabulous way of living that can’t be compared to other countries and which include the weather, the shorter working hours and more public holidays, the higher wages and better-quality food. These are just a few of the many advantages which improve your day to day standard of living.

2: The wonderful climate

Australia is an enormous country and this means that the climate varies from region to region but in general, the whole country is temperate, (as long as you don’t count the central portion/Northern Territories which are so hot and dry as to be almost impassable!).

Australia boasts around 3000 hours of sunshine a year compared to just 1493 in the UK, which has to be one of the biggest, single benefits of living in Australia. Depending on which area you live in, you could be enjoying the tropical climate of the North (Queensland), the subtropical weather in Brisbane or Perth or perhaps the temperate weather enjoyed in South Australia, particularly Adelaide.

3: Great job opportunities

What do we mean when we speak of the great job opportunities in Australia? Most particularly, we’re talking about the higher pay, shorter hours and skills shortages in particular areas which are just crying out for well qualified British people to come out and fill.

The current minimum wage in Australia is $18.29 per hour, or $694.90 per week but it’s soon to rise to $18.93 per hour or $719.20 per week. That’s considerable when compared to the British minimum wage of £7.83 per hour which is the equivalent of just $13.83 per hour.

No matter whether you are a doctor or nurse, plumber or engineer, teacher or builder, if your occupation is in on the skills list, you’re likely to earn more down under.

4: The outdoor lifestyle

There’s something incredibly appealing about a life lived outside and in Australia, it seems that far more leisure time is spent in the great outdoors. People spend a lot of time in their gardens, simply because the weather is usually pleasant.

Then there are the many community events which take place outside, particularly during the warmer months. There are markets, outdoor concerts and film showings, sporting activities, hiking and cycling to name but a few. Most people will spend at least a few hours a week on the beach, either walking the dog, strolling or playing in the water with or without children.

So put those gadgets to one side and get out into the fresh air!

5: Friendly and welcoming culture

Many people worry about emigrating to Australia from the UK for very natural reasons. One of the biggest concerns is social. People worry about leaving family behind and about making new friends.

The good news is that thanks to Australia’s status as a country of immigration…with newbies arriving for centuries, there’s a real culture of welcoming new arrivals with open arms. You will find people are laid-back, informal and very open to making new friends and acquaintances.

6: Own a spacious house with your own private swimming pool!

There’s no doubt about it, Australian houses are generally larger than those in the UK. They may mostly be single storey houses but that doesn’t mean the rooms aren’t larger.

Properties are much larger in general and they usually come with the added bonus of a separate laundry room for your washer and dryer; very convenient!  Some homes have large verandas which make excellent extra relaxation space for warm summer evenings and of course, you might be lucky enough to have a house with its own swimming pool!

To learn more about what you might be able to afford in Australia check out our article: What Property Can You Afford To Buy In Australia?

No matter whether you’re looking for a mansion in the Gold Coast or a cottage in Canberra, there’ll be something to fall in love with!

6: A family friendly environment with great opportunities for children

Australian kids benefit enormously from the outdoor lifestyle. There are tonnes of sporting and arts-based clubs and one-off activities for them to take part in as well as free or subsidised education and some great schools. The universities in Australia are excellent with students vying to attend them from overseas such is their reputation.

What’s more they grow up with a positive and enthusiastic attitude to life – what better reason to move down under?

8: Beaches – so many beautiful beaches!

There are no fewer than 10,685 beaches in Australia, many of them outstandingly beautiful and some are barely used.

Not only that they are sandy and the sea is warm. So no matter whether you’re into swimming, surfing, sunbathing, beach volley ball, picnics, BBQs, partying or finding peace and tranquillity, there is sure to be a beach for you.

If that doesn’t sound like paradise then we don’t know what does!

9: A fresh start in life

Is there anything as appealing as a fresh start? For you, for your partner and your children, the idea of a fresh start can be just as exhilarating as it is daunting.

The dream of leaving all your problems behind, letting go of past limitations and choosing to recreate your life how you’d like it.

The ability to begin again is an attractive one. Choose the absolute best town for your family, select the best schools…no compromises this time!

10: Fulfilling a lifelong dream

If migrating to Australia has been your life-long dream then there’s no point whatsoever in putting it off a moment longer. It’s not as expensive as you might imagine; it’s easier to arrange than you think and once you do it, you won’t look back.

People spend so some much time and energy thinking about migrating to Australia and all the benefits of living there but it’s natural to still have doubts.

If you’ve had a lifelong urge to move to Australia that just won’t seem to go away, then maybe now it’s time to do something about it.

You can always move back after a few years and have the satisfaction that you gave it a good try, but the overwhelming feedback we get from customers is that they had wished they had done it sooner!

More Great Reasons to Live in Australia

There are as probably as many benefits and advantages to living in Australia as there are grains of sand of Bondi Beach! We’ll do our best to list below some of the many reasons to consider a move to Australia…

We love this video from Kylie and Tourism Australia – a special invite to the UK and loads more reasons why you should move down under!

11: The beautiful Gold Coast

A stunning region of Australia with a beautiful subtropical climate, masses of amazing wildlife and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches! If you’re looking for sun, sea and surf then this is the place for you. Check out some of the Gold Coast’s other attractions here!

12: Spectacular Sydney!

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question “Why live in Australia” Sydney probably provides all the possible answers in a nutshell. Sydney’s one of the most cosmopolitan and exciting cities in the world and it’s all just waiting for you to discover it! Check out these amazing reasons to live in Sydney!

13: The best coffee on the planet!

They take their coffee seriously in Australia. It’s one of the reasons why some of the bigger coffee chains have failed to make it here.

Australians prefer to visit independent cafes for their coffee, these are the stores which have succeeded and in Melbourne in particular, you’ll get some amazing coffee.

There’s a whole subculture surrounding coffee and the country’s quite passionate about it. See why Australian coffee is the best on the planet.

14: Marvelous Melbourne!

Not just the home of Dame Edna Everage but also apparently the world’s happiest city! It claimed the title after the results of the Time Out City Life Index 2018 were released! The whole of Victoria (the region in which Melbourne is found) is a fascinating and historically interesting area well worth exploring.

Check out our reasons to move to Melbourne here.

15: It’s actually quite British

Not too British mind you, but much more British than many other countries. Queues, bakery pies, sandwiches, having a pint at the pub…these are all British habits which Australia still embraces wholeheartedly.

You’ll therefore find many aspects of Australia quite familiar and homely – as Prince Harry found on his visit.

16: It’s not as expensive as you might think

Moving to Australia from the UK isn’t nearly as expensive as you may previously have assumed. Some things may cost more but if you live in the suburbs it’s much cheaper and many outdoor activities are free!

Removals and shipping costs to Australia are surprisingly reasonable too. Check out our article on shipping costs from the UK and see what you may expect to pay.

17: Sunshine all year round

One of the biggest advantages of living in Australia is that it gets around 3000 hours of sunshine per year as opposed to the UK which sees on average just 1493 per year. Sunshine is vital to our well-being, happiness and health!

You may need to slap on the sunscreen but at least you won’t have to worry about the winter blues or a shortage of vitamin D!

18: Spectacular thunderstorms!

Australia doesn’t do anything by halves, so when the sun isn’t shining you can be in for some truly spectacular thunder and lightning displays! These not only come as a welcome relief but can also be quite entertaining.

19: Build you own dream home

Australia is a country which has a much smaller population and yet an awful lot more space; this means that land is much more affordable than anywhere in the UK. In Australia it’s possible to purchase a block of land for a very affordable price and then to build your own family home to your personal specifications.

The freedom which this affords families is not to be underestimated; many people include a “Granny Flat” in their design, enabling future living arrangements some flexibility. You can be more certain of a home to suit more than one generation in Australia.

20: Free BBQs in parks and near beaches

This Australian bonus is one of the most surprising for newcomers and it’s a fabulous idea. Local authorities pay for gas and maintenance of the public BBQs which are always well-cared for and clean and completely free to use!

They make a great addition to a day out where you can cook your own burgers and even make a cup of tea!

21: Tantalising Tasmania

A hop, skip and a jump away from Australia, Tasmania or “Tassie” as the Aussies call it, is a stunning if isolated island state off Australia’s South coast.

It’s well known for its rugged wilderness and breathtaking coastline in addition to a chequered but fascinating history as a penal colony. A perfect weekend getaway.

22: Stunning flowers

The plants and flowers in Australia are truly jaw dropping. Huge red and pink frangipanis and hibiscus, enormous sunflowers and even English favourites like roses and hollyhocks do well in Australia.

It makes for some very colourful and beautiful gardens!

23: Wild animals

Depending on where you live, it’s not that unusual to see the odd koala or kangaroo. Kookaburras and stunning rosella parrots are everyday sights.

In fact, 80% of Australia’s animals are unique to Australia. So no matter how long you live in Australia, you’ll never lose the wonder and excitement of spotting all the unique and exotic wildlife.

Also spiders and snakes are nowhere near as prevalent as you might imagine – especially in urban areas, so “no worries, mate!”

24: Grow exotic fresh fruit in your own garden

Picking your own lemons, limes, cherries, mangoes and all manner of gorgeous fruit is perfectly normal in Australia. Lemon and Lime trees are as common in Australia as rose bushes are in England.

It’s also usual for people to grow a lot of their own vegetables. The climate makes it much easier to grow your own here.

25: Lay By

What’s that? I hear you ask…it’s a really quite old-fashioned service, one which used to be common in English shops but has now faded into a distant memory, but which even the big stores in Australia still offer.

It’s where you can ask to put an item to one side or “lay it by” and pay it off as and when you can afford it. Better than running up your credit card!

26: Food in general

The quality of the food in Australia is extremely good and that’s one of the biggest benefits of living in Australia. As a Brit, you’ll notice the difference almost immediately.

Fruit and veg is usually quite local, even in supermarkets…and restaurants and cafes often pride themselves on serving local seasonal produce.

27: Doctors will come to your house

Home visits when you’re too sick to go out are normal in Australia…as is getting an appointment on the same day!

28: Eating outside

This is something you can nearly always choose to do. Maybe not in the dead of winter when it’s raining, but there’s an awful lot of time when eating out is doable and it’s fabulous!

29: Clean streets

You see far less rubbish on the streets in Australia. People love the outdoors and really care for the environment and this is demonstrated by the absence of litter in most areas.

30: Some of the finest universities

Melbourne and Sydney universities both rank highly on various polls and the general state of university education in Australia is excellent with a wide choice for would-be students across the country.

31: Top-notch health service

Contrary to popular belief, there is some government support for people in receiving health care. Some treatments must be paid for but there are many excellent health plans for families which certainly won’t break the bank and if you earn under a certain amount, you qualify for a lot of assistance.

But having said that, private medical insurance such as that found here, is very cost effective which gives you access to some of the best health care in the world.

As mentioned previously, it’s very easy to get a doctor’s appointment too!

32: Space!

You won’t believe how much space there is here. If you’re used to the crowded streets of a UK town or city, you’re in for a treat in Australia.

The streets are wide and open, the houses are built with generous footprints which mean that you have far more space in your home and beaches…beaches are the best! You can walk alone for miles on some beaches before you’ll see another soul. It’s a revelation once you experience it.

33: Sports mad!

Aussie rules football is the main sport of choice here but there’s plenty of scope for anyone interested in cricket, basketball, soccer, netball and track and field.

The Aussies LOVE their sports and at weekends it’s usual for whole families to head off to watch their team play. It fosters a great community spirit and kids love it – so expect to take some friendly banter whenever the Aussies take on the poms!

35: Environment

You can’t find a more beautiful or diverse landscape as you will in Australia. It’s truly got it all. There are snow-capped mountains if you know where to look, desert-like bush wilderness, stunning beaches and amazing forests.

What’s more Australia takes it environmental custodianship very seriously, no matter whether it’s recycling, cutting down on plastics or restoring the Great Barrier Reef.

Walking or rambling is a popular pastime here because there’s so much to see and you’re sure to find hidden wonders no matter where you choose to live.

36: Multicultural society

Australia was settled by Europeans a long time ago now and once the first Brits had arrived, they were swiftly followed by Germans, Dutch, Italians and Greeks. Now many people from China, India and other parts of Asia migrate to Australia too.

These cultures have melded together and created the wonderfully rich Australian culture we know and love today and as the country has grown, we’ve seen more cultures arrive and settle.

Today, Australia is home to a very diverse group of people and it’s got one of the liveliest festival cultures in the world as a result of that.

37: Aussie snacks

Tim Tams, Lamingtons, Anzac biscuits, fairy bread…need we go on? Aussie snacks are fantastic and they really do love a baked treat here. The pies have to be tasted to be believed. You’ll even find some secret Cadbury chocolate varieties that are not available in the UK such as Dairy Milk S’mores and Cherry Ripe bars! You can even get a taste of Aussie treats before you arrive by ordering online.

38: Laid-back lifestyle

Australians pride themselves on their chilled-out, laid-back personalities and for good reason! It lends them a wonderfully friendly and fun air. It’s easy to make friends here because nobody stands on ceremony.

39: More than 500 national parks

What? 500? Yes! That’s right, more than 500 national parks! The land here is enormous and much of the most incredible masses have been protected with national park status. This of course preserves and protects them and allows future generations to enjoy them.

Some of the most notable include The Grampians in Victoria, The Royal National Park just South of Sydney and the Ikara Flinders Ranges in South Australia.

40: A great future for you and your future generations

When you migrate to Australia you are not just creating a new future for yourself but also for all your future generations. Your grandchildren and great grandchildren will have the benefits of growing up in a modern progressive society with a lot of sunshine!

41: They’ll be wine growing on your doorstep

Every state in Australia grows wine and there are now 60 designated wine regions. Penfolds Grange, Australia’s most famous wine, has won over 50 gold medals. At the other end of the scale Australia was the pioneer of ‘Goon Bags’ – distributing cheap wine in boxed silver bags rather than bottles.

42: Great location for further travel

People in Australia are close to some amazing holiday and exploration locations; New Zealand, Indonesia including Bali, Tasmania, China and many, many more fascinating places.

So although you may be further away from Europe, you have so many more exciting places on your doorstep that will provide a lifetime of travel opportunities!

43: Strong economy

The Australian economy is very healthy and as of 2017. Australia was the second-wealthiest nation in terms of wealth per adult, after Switzerland. However, in 2018 it overtook Switzerland and it became the country with the largest median wealth per adult.

Although, like everywhere, the Australia economy does have its up and downs, it’s a lot smoother and more stable than most countries. For example Australia largely managed to avoid the 2008 financial crisis.

44: Get yourself an Aussie passport

Respected worldwide it’s one of the most coveted passports. According to the Henley Passport Index, Australia was ranked as the 9th most powerful passport in 2020 and as dual citizenship is permitted, you may not even need to give up your current nationality

45: British expats are never far from home comforts

Although the UK may seem far away, it’s not as far as you think. Flights are getting faster and Skype makes it easier to keep in touch.

There are also many British expat communities and home comforts such as fish and chips, English pubs, and British foods and treats are widely available. That together with many friendly expat groups can quickly relieve most bouts of homesickness.

If not just remember those miserable wet British winters and remind yourself of all these advantages of living down under!

Moving to Australia? We can help

If you’re convinced after reading this that you want to enjoy the benefits of living in Australia, then give us a call.

We’ll be happy to help you make the move, stress free so you’ll be soaking up the Aussie sun in no time.

Another great reason to move to Australia!