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Our Quick Check form is designed to provide you with an easy, FREE-OF-CHARGE way of finding out if we can help you in any way, and if you are eligible for our migration agent referral service and/or recruitment agent referral service, or other employment, settlement and relocation services.
It will allow us to evaluate whether you meet the requirements to proceed to the next stage, which will be provided by a referral network of independent officially-registered migration consultants, or with our other relocation and settlement partners. It is not a formal immigration assessment.

Free + No Obligation
This Quick Check Referral Eligibility Assessment is FREE-OF-CHARGE and you are under NO-OBLIGATION to proceed further.

Personalised + Confidential
We undertake to protect the data that you enter into this form and it will only be utilised by this firm or our referral partners. See the Quick Check terms & conditions here.

Rapid Response
You will receive an email response within in the near future of whether or not we can help you, and the next step to take. Please check your “junk” folder if you have not received the email. If necessary, a Migration Agent referral Agent or representative may contact you (by e-mail or phone) to clarify matters or to follow-up your enquiry.