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"Protection of our clients' interests is paramount"

Founded in 1993, Oceania Development Group is a specialist provider of immigration, job search, recruitment, international relocation and settlement related consultancy services. Oceania also developed a popular magazine-style news and relocation information website, The company transformed its services into a leading online recruitment and migration agent referral network. No longer taking on clients itself, all online enquiries are now automatically referred through to independent website referral portals since mid-2013.

Oceania has always been committed to making it easier for prospective new settlers to access the right kind of professional advice and assistance.

Oceania places the utmost importance on adhering to the immigration legislation and regulatory codes of conduct of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and elsewhere. For over 20 years, Oceania has been a strong supporter of immigration industry regulation and our senior staff have contributed to many government ministerial consultations. We take great pride in our history.  

All immigration advice is referred to independent officially-recognised migration agents


Oceania Development Group (EMEAR) Limited,

Tel: ++64 (0)3 377 4411 Email:  *

* Administration line and email only - Message service - No immigration advice available at this number or email. Only existing or known contacts replied to. We regret that we are unable to reply to any unsolicited emails

New Zealand Company Name: Oceania Development Group (EMEAR) Limited. Company Reg No:WN/620176 - The registered office of Oceania is at the offices of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, 50 Hazeldean Road, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand.-All chargeable work and immigration advice matters completed via and billed from registered agents direct.




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